Pre-Owned Truck Caps Inventory

Downeyused snap cover

Manufacturer: Downey
Model: used snap cover
Stock number: L1670
Price: $75.00 as is
fits 2005 + Dodge Dakota SB 6\'

BedrugUsed Bedrug

Manufacturer: Bedrug
Model: Used Bedrug
Stock number: G1775A
Price: $125.00
Fits 2009 - 2018 Nissan frontier Crew cab 5\' bed

HuskeyFloor Liners

Manufacturer: Huskey
Model: Floor Liners
Stock number: KG12
Price: $50.00
Fits all dodge Calibers.

Classic coversUsed class A, deluxe cover

Manufacturer: Classic covers
Model: Used class A, deluxe cover
Stock number: C1678
Used Class A cover to fit 37\' - 40\'

Jericoused Fiberglass cap

Manufacturer: Jerico
Model: used Fiberglass cap
Stock number: G01150
Price: $450.00
2005-2012 Dakota extended cab 6'

CenturyUsed Lid

Manufacturer: Century
Model: Used Lid
Stock number: SK01
Price: $200.00 Price drop
Fits 2009 - 2015 Dodge Ram SB

A.R.E. Used LS II lid

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: Used LS II lid
Stock number: S1613
Price: $600.00
Fits 2007 - 2013 GMC SSB 5\'8 box

A.R.E. Used fiberglass

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: Used fiberglass
Stock number: G150-19
Price: $400.00
Fits 2005 - 2012 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab SB 6\'5

A.R.E.Used MX series

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: Used MX series
Stock number: O1648
Price: $650.00
Fits 2007-2013 GMC Crew cab only LB 8\'

GM LidPlastic Lid

Manufacturer: GM Lid
Model: Plastic Lid
Stock number: R1589
Price: $350.00 as is
Fits 2007-2013 Chevy SB

A.R.E.Used fiberglas Lid

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: Used fiberglas Lid
Stock number: M1706
Price: $750.00
Fits 2011 -2016 Ford F250/350 LB

Ranch Used fiberglas Lid

Manufacturer: Ranch
Model: Used fiberglas Lid
Stock number: C1686
Price: $250.00
Fits 98 - 2004 Toyota Tacoma 5\'

A.R.ELS II Series

Manufacturer: A.R.E
Model: LS II Series
Stock number: P1640
Price: $450.00
Fits 2004 -2008 F150 SB

A.R.E.Used cab high Fiberglass

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: Used cab high Fiberglass
Stock number: B1789
Price: $700.00
Fits 1999 - 2006 Chevy LB 8\' with full fiberglass rear door

A.R.E.Used fiberglass Lid

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: Used fiberglass Lid
Stock number: KG-08-00
Price: $350.00
Fits 2008 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma access cab 74\" box

RavenUsed Hi rise fiberglass

Manufacturer: Raven
Model: Used Hi rise fiberglass
Stock number: W1793
Price: $250.00 as is
Fits 1997 - 2003 Ford F150 SB

A.R.E.New Fiberglass Cap

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: New Fiberglass Cap
Stock number: N3570702
Price: $995.00 Special
Fits 2009 - 2014 F150 super cab LB 8\'

A.R.E.Used Commercial cap

Manufacturer: A.R.E.
Model: Used Commercial cap
Stock number: B1669
Price: $550.00
fits 1997-2003 Ford F150 SB